Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost to finish a cabin?
We usually recommend a budget of between $28,000 for a rustic finish to $70,000 for a top of the line finish including well and septic. The cost to professionally install a well and septic is approx. $8,500 combined. The two largest overall cost factors are:
1) How much of the work you do yourself, if any.
2) Your choice of finishes (flooring coverings, cabinet/countertop choices, lighting & plumbing fixtures)

How much earnest money do I need to put down?
$500 on any parcel of land, and $2000 on any cabin. We typically close the transaction in 10-20 days, including when financing is required. Several local banks work closely with us, and have streamlined their processes.

What are the taxes in Rutherford county?
The taxes are $.69 per $100  Example: $89,900 x .69 100 = $620.31/year

Are there paved roads?
Yes, the roads are/will be paved. Where a cabin is offered, the driveways are gravel. Each lot has/will have paved road access.

How about utilities?
There is electric and phone lines provided to each of the properties. The electric company will bring power to the cabin after electrical work is completed. Water will be from a well, and sewer will be a septic system. Each property has a septic permit in place for a 3 bedroom home. The cost of the septic permit is $350.00.

There is no natural gas to this area, but tanks for propane or heating oil are permitted. Many people use electric heat pumps.
Cable TV is not available at this time, but satellite dishes work well.

Are recreational vehicles allowed?
Yes. It is the owner's responsibility to provide their own parking area.

Am I allowed to use my property as a vacation rental?
Yes. There are no restrictions against usage, provided the occupants respect the peace and privacy of others.

Do I have to build?
No, the property can be held as an investment, as a place to get away and hike around or for future use and/or future generations.

Can I have a shed or workshop?
Yes, outbuildings are fine.

Are animals allowed?
Yes, pets are welcome, and two grazing animals (such as horses) per fenced acre are allowed. No commercial animals, (i.e. raising poultry, pigs, etc.) are allowed.

What are the POA dues?
The property owner's association dues are $30/month ($360 a year) to maintain the private paved roads and the common areas.

How far away is a hospital?
There is a 150 bed hospital in Rutherfordton, about 8 miles.